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Secrets of Hawaii : Waikiki
Honolulu Zoo       A typical urban zoo with Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Turtles and other animals, but with a large dose of local and tropical animals thrown in for good measure. Makes for an interesting zoo experience with lush grounds and maundering paths to explore. All with Diamond Head as a back drop and tropical Hawaii as the setting. Much to see and enjoy here. A must do while on vacation in Hawaii.
Honolulu Zoo
Honolulu Zoo
Waikiki Aquarium     Exotic tropical fish await you at the Waikiki Aquarium. The aquarium is operated by the University of Hawaii and it's the oldest aquarium in the U.S. west of the Mississippi. You will find colorful coral, vibrant fish and unique crustaceans.
Waikiki Aquarium - Anemonefish and Zoanthid Corals
Waikiki Aquarium
Photo courtesy of Aukipa
Diamond Head Crater     Enjoy an invigorating hike up Diamond Head Crater and then feast our eyes on the wonderful Panoramic views of Waikiki and Honolulu from a top Diamond Head crater.
View fromt the top of Diamond Head Crater looking into Waikiki
View from atop Diamond Head Crater
Other places to see or things to do while in Waikiki
 Duke Kahanamoku's Statue -          Famous statue of Hawaiian Olympian Duke Kananamoku (The Father of Surfing) in Waikiki.
Duke Kahanamoku
Statue of Duke Kahanamoku
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Royal Hawaiian Hotel

     Royal Hawaiian Hotel was the first hotel in Waikiki, late circa 1800. This hotel has distinctive colors and lush surrounding of tropical floral brings the history of the royal families to life.  

     Royal Hawaiian Hotel is located on Kalakaua St, behind the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

 Diamond Head Lighthouse

On the down slope of Diamond Head Road toward Waikiki, you'll see the lighthouse by the ocean. Diamond Head Lighthouse serves a security for the island to give landmark for passing ships.

Diamond Head Lighthouse
Diamond Head Lighthouse at Sunset
Watch the boogie boarders at The Wall in Waikiki
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Boogie Boarders
    Boogie boarding is fun for all ages and with a little effort you can be out there surfing with the best. Best of all, the boards are not expensive and priced at around $30 to 50 for a good board. For the best price, buy at local sporting goods store outside of Waikiki or Kmart. Now, The Wall in Waikiki is the favorite spot for local boogie boarders. Normally, there are great wave actions and the water is not to deep. You will see many of the local youths diving off the end of the pier. But, if you are not familiar with the area, do not attempt to dive from the pier for some parts are shallow.

    If you do not want to take the time to learn how to Boogie Board, you can always purchase an inflatable float. Drifting with the ocean waves is a favorite pastime of mine, while still basking in the Hawaiian sun.

See the nightly torch lighting ceremony and Hula Show
Waikiki Hula Show
Hula Kahiko - Traditional Form of Hula Dance
       Every night there are torch lighting ceremony and hula show in Waikiki at the Waikiki Mound near the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. You never know what to expect. The performers range from keiki (children) to the seasoned hula dancer. Yet, you will always be entertained by live music and a great show.

      You can bring a straw mat (available at any ABC Stores) for sitting  on the grass. And, arrive early for a good spot. During the summer, the show normally starts at 6:30pm.