Description of Picture.

Gone Fishin'


  Description of Picture.

   Series of drawings about an ol fishing hole. Because I can’t sing! Inspired by the song gone fishing by Louis Armstrong.  The first drawing is of a tackle and bait shop.  The next scene has a red truck driving down a country road and the last scene is of the man actually finishing at his favorite fishing hole.  The drawings are disjointed but there is just one goal. Doodling. 

Louis Armstrong ,nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is among the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century and a giant of modern American culture. Louis Armstrong ,nicknamed Satchmo or Pops.

   Scene1 - SVG SMIL Animation. Farmer John driving his old red Chevrolet pickup truck to his favorite fishing hole. Gone fishing on a lazy afternoon.


SVG SMIL Animation. Farmer John seating in a row boat at his favorite fishing hole. Fishing on a lazy afternoon.

Shangri La On a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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When setting timing attributes (begin or dur) in Inkscape always try and use milisecons inseated of seconds. Firefox does not respond correct with seconds. Example when setting the begin attribute in animation use begin = 0ms instead of begin = 0s.

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