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People -

People engaging in different activites including basketball, skiing,sky diving and surfing.

   Animation cartoon depiction in SVG using SMIL where a skier is skiing downhill zipping through the trees.

       So, this is just a simple doodle of a skier on the slopes. Maybe Lake Tahoe or the alpine Alps? This doodle is a animation where the main character (focus) is stationary and the background moves. I tried to give the skier the illusion of motion by transforming the path of his hat using SMIL's animateTransform. And giving his body a bit of a bobbing up and down. And slightly shaking his skies.
     To help in this animation illusion the trees are actually moving up the slope while the skier stays stationary. Two other characters are added in the background, a Snowman on a snowboard, who is out of control and a snowball with a skier trapped inside. Both Zip by in the opposite direction of the trees.

A photo of a homeless African American child.

    Of course inkscape is also a good platform for regular doodle drawing.

SVG portrait of an African American child.

      So most of the examples of SVG/SMIL aniamtions on this page are of a stationary or near stationary characters with the backgrounds in motion.

SMIL animation of Skydiver falling with clouds passing him by.


SVG with SMIl animation doodle of Skydiver with his parachute open slowly drifting downward.

       An incomplete doodle concept for a sky diver, the character is still in block form. This is another example of an animation doodle where the character is stationary and the background moves. In this case it's a skydiver and the clouds are the background. The clouds are moved using SMIL's animateTransform on attribute "y".


   A cartoon animation in SVG/SMIL showing a skater riding on the sidewalk.

          As a skater, you can always get away from it all and just day dream a little. As you
glide effortlessly over the ground, the click-clack sounds will help drown your sorrows away.

  Surfer in the zone, catching his wave and tube riding it to the end.
Animation of a surfer riding a curling wave, with his hair blowing.Animated using SMIL in SVG.

Description of Picture.

Inkscape Doodle Hint

When setting timing attributes (begin or dur) in Inkscape always try and use miliseconds inseated of seconds. Firefox does not respond correct with seconds. Example when setting the begin attribute in animation use begin = 0ms instead of begin = 0s.


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