Places around the world

Sometimes your daydreaming takes you away to a faraway place. Maybe too south Asia and the Taj Mahal, or the balmy Pacific islands or The frigid Alaskan Tundra. But, no matter where your mind wanders, that daydream can be made into a doodle. Animations made using Inkscape.

The Taj Mahal

   The Taj Mahal in India.

     The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan between 1632 and 1653 to honor the memory of his favorite wife. Located 125 miles from New Delhi in Agra, it took nearly 22 years, 22,000 workers, and 1,000 elephants to complete the white marble mausoleum.    

   A lighthouse on a calm night.


Lazy day at the beach.

    Of course inkscape is also a good platform for regular doodle drawing.

Summer Beach.
    Summer time at the beach.

Lets all head over to the circus.

  A colorfull circus scence with a roller coaster and hot air ballon floating by.  

   Canal scence of Holland.

  Somewhere in Holland the tulips are blooming and the windmills are churing.  

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