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What's MiniSite? Why MiniSite? Easy Steps for MiniSite Naming a MiniSite

Easy Steps


We offer design and hosting of mini web sites, as known as MiniSite by


















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Here is how we work:

  1. Set up a informational consultation with one of our salespeople. We'll show you what it will take to get your site up, how much it will cost and what your site would look like in a brief meeting.

  2. If later you decide to use us, you supply us with any graphics, logo, images, photos and a brief description of your company. Select the elements for your MiniSite: font type, size, color, background, style and format.

  3. Our technician will produce your site with the information you provided. It will turnaround in a couple of days or less.

  4. We'll notify you via email or phone to see your site online.

  5. We'll also print a proof and send it to you.

Your site will be live for the whole wide world to see.


These are some simple steps to get your MiniSite. If you are not within our reach, we'll be glad to mail you our sign-up form. Please tell us your full name, complete mailing address and a phone number on the contact form or email.





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