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In today's business world, one of the keys to success is effective communication with your customers. You need to deliver more information faster and effectively at a lower cost to you and to your customers. Traditionally, businesses have used newspapers, magazines, TV and radio to reach their customers. While effective, we have to admit that they are expense.

With print media, we pay by the column inch; on broadcast wave, we pay by the seconds. What if there was a more effective way to reach your customers and to deliver additional information at lower cost? There is a way. That's by using MiniSite - a web site for small business owners. You simply add a line of the web address, where your MiniSite is located, on your next print advertisement.

Our services have YOU, the small business owner, in mind. You don't need to learn how to do a web site. The MiniSite is prepared to save you time, money and hassle in web presence on the Internet. Traditionally, you need a great deal of knowledge to build a web site. But with our MiniSite service, you only need to supply us:

  1. your company description
  2. brief product or service introductions
  3. location/directions (map will be automatically generated)
  4. hours of operation
  5. contact information

Choose a name to represent your site title as your web address (URL): It's your job to replace "yourname" to an actual name. And then, let our technicians do the rest.

When you register a name to represent your business with an internet governing agency, you need to provide a domain name with up to 63 characters, plus ".com", or ".net". With our MiniSite, you don't need a domain name, you only need a "Site Name". It's like a screen name to identify you as a unique individual. You can use your full business name. Here are some hints... (Naming a MiniSite)

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