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We offer design and hosting of mini web sites, as known as MiniSite by





















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To get ahead of your competition, you need to start a web site. Here is how to do it. Come to and get a MiniSite, you'll save plenty of time and money.


Say, you want to have a web site and you chose to have the traditional web design, expect to have a large budget.

  1. First, you'll hire a web designer and pay about $125 per page;

  2. Next, add $300-500 to set the design up;

  3. That's after you have secured your domain name at $19.95 a year;

  4. A host provider charged you at least $19.95 a month to put your web pages;

  5. On top of that, this whole thing will take many months and extra effort to complete it.

When you add all of these costs up, it may require lots of time, effort and frustration.



We offer a better way. With MiniSite package, only $150 a year, you'll get a semi-custom designed web site with up to 4 web pages and hosted for a whole year. So, forget about registering a domain name, pay host monthly and set up charges. If you insisted to have a complicated design, we won't stop you to go with the traditional web design option.

If you are new to the Internet and marketing on the Internet, we suggest you to get an economical solution, go with MiniSite by We are the affordable alternative for small business owners.

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